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Flume experiments facilities Surveying facilities

 River dynamics Laboratory

Circular Flume
   The flume is usually applied in open channel flow experiment with 8 meter in length, 0.3 meter in width, and 0.6 meter in depth. It provides fixed head and circular current, user can regulate its inflow discharge, slope, and water depth.

River Morphology Flume
   The Flume is applied in river morphology experiments, user can observe and measure the change of river bed on it.

Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV)
   The ADV can measure the velocity of particle to indicate the flow velocity.

High-Speed CCD Camera
   The highest frequency of this camera is 200 fps, we use it to catch the change in the flow.

Flow sheer stress meter
   Using a sensor to measure the sheer stress of flow.

Rainfall platform
   There is a rainfall simulator set above the platform, and the platform can be changed its slope, so that it can be applied in soil erosion experiments.


 Surveying facilities

Surveying facilities
Laser distance meter

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