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Liquid limit test And
plastic limit test
Specific gravity test Grain size
distribution test
Compaction test
Seepage test Direct shear test Unconfined
compression test

 Liquid limit test and plastic limit test


frosted glass

liquid limit device
The liquid limit test determines the liquid limit of a soil. The plastic limit test is used to determine the lowest moisture content at which the soil behaves plastically.


 Specific gravity test

volumetric flask
.Specific Gravity,Gs
The specific gravity Gs of a soil is the ratio between the unit masses of soil particles and water. Gs is useful for determining weight-volume relationships.


 Grain size distribution test


The grain size distribution test determines the grain size distribution curve of soil samples.


 Compaction test


Laboratory compaction tests are used to determine the relation between water content and dry unit weight and find the maximum dry unit weight and optimum water content.


 Seepage test

the instrument for seepage test
The seepage test is used for determining the permeability of samples.


 Direct shear test

direct shear loading machine with a counterbalance system for the application of normal load
The direct shear test is used to measure the friction angle and cohesion of soils for stability analysis of foundations, slope, and retaining walls.


 Unconfined compression test

the instrument for unconfined compression test
The unconfined compression test is used to measure the unconfined shear strength of fine-grained soils.

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